About Us!

Photographer / Videographer / Graphic Designer

Jesus Lagarto

I came from a Spanish city called Jaen, located in the beautiful and sunny Andalusia. Since I was a little boy, I started taking photos with my dad, an amateur landscape photographer and my sister photographer student at the time, absorbing all their knowledge like a sponge.
After studying graphic design at the art school and worked for several years, I realized that what I love the most is photography.
I start to work as a professional photographer in 2015 while I was developing my artistic concept of portraits.
Since I moved into Dublin I had the opportunity to grow and develop professionally as a social photographer capturing portraits of a fast-changing society and till today I am truly grateful.

Photographer / Digital Marketing / Thinker

Evelina Balan

I am a native Romanian raised in northern Italy. I moved to Ireland in 2015 where I start growing my passion and knowledge of photography and making it a business.
My passion and curiosity for photography started when my grandmother showed me black and white analogic photographies of my grand grandparents.
Why I love photography?
For me is capturing significant moments of a person life, is truthfully empathy and deeply human, it is immersing myself in the beauty of what I see behind the viewfinder of my camera.

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